About Canine Chiropractic

caring for your animal

Canine chiropractic can also assist all types of dogs and dog uses; house pets, agility dogs, herding dogs, sport dogs, greyhounds, canine partners (guide dogs etc.).

Things an owner might observe which prompt a visit to the Canine Chiropractor are: pain, altered function, change in temperament, abnormal mobility or change in posture. These can be identified by: reluctance to move/climb/jump, altered gait, hypersensitivity to touch, limited performance or changes in sitting/sleeping positions.

Some of the common conditions that Canine Chiropractic may help are:

• Maintaining motion and flexibility.
• Training difficulties.
• Behavioural changes i.e. biting, aggression, tension.
• Decreased performance level.
• Muscle weakness or imbalance.
• Weak, wobbly gait associated with degenerative joint conditions.
• Difficulties jumping either with agility or at home onto furniture.
• Injuries resulting from trauma.