About Equine Chiropractic

caring for your animal

Equine chiropractic can help all types of horses in all uses; sports horses, pleasure horses, driving horses, stud animals and their protégés, retired horses. Things the owner might observe which may prompt a visit to the Equine Chiropractor are: pain, altered function, abnormal mobility, reduced performance or change in temperament. Some of the common conditions that Equine Chiropractic may help are:

• Chronic musculoskeletal problems.
• Acute problems such as tension or stiffness.
• Prophylactic treatment to maintain fitness.
• Maintain soundness in older animals.
• Enhance performance of sport animals.
• As a complementary treatment for chronic lameness such as bone spavin, navicular syndrome or tendon problems in the horse, as well as arthritis, or tendon problems.
• Behavioural changes i.e moody mare, knapping, bucking, rearing.
• Decreased performance level.
• Injuries resulting from trauma.
• Ongoing or intermittent lameness.
• Muscle weakness or imbalance.
• Training difficulties; poor collection/extension, incorrect canter leads, poor engagement.
• Difficulties when jumping: refusing, knocking poles, short strides.
• Non-musculoskeletal conditions; colic, digestion, coughing, head shaking.